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At Berwick Pest Control, we are a family owned and operated Pest Control Firm. We work closely with chemical and equipment manufacturers to improve our methods, treatments and chemical options to provide a safer, more effective and better pest management / control service to our customers.

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How to Get Rid of Ant Infestation? A Brief Guide

Do you know that just like humans, ants too are social animals that live in colonies?If you are finding ants trailing all around your home, then know your house has got infested with ants. If you have tried all the tips and tricks to get rid of ants, but nothing worked then seek services for ant control pakenham. These services are meant to help homeowners get rid of ant infestations in their homes.  Before you call out the experts, it is extremely important to understand the ant colonies so that you can get rid of the problem from the root.

We admit that it may sound strange but the queen who lays all the eggs never leaves her nest. She is fed by the fellow workers and she continues to produce more ants. So if you are spraying on the ants you see, just know it is not going to make any effect but new ants will take their place. The best thing you could do is, watch the trailing ants, because this way you will get to know where they are coming from and where they are going to. An ant would search food , but once it finds food, the worker ant will run to the queen ant.By keeping an eye on trailing ants you will get to know where their nest can be where the queen ant may be hiding.

Spraying ants would not of much use because those are worker ants. Even if you kill some of the ants, their place will soon be filled by other ants. So all your efforts are going to go in vain. The best thing you could do is, get in touching with the companies offering services for ant control pakenham. These companies have got rich experience, knowledge and skills in locating ants and performing treatments that can kill the queen ant and its workers. Moreover, it is also suggested to clean or not spill any food particles on the floor because you will soon find a lane of ants near it. Pay attention to cleaning and regularly mop or clean the floor of all the food particles.

The experts have got years of experience in treating ants and are well-aware of the behaviour of the ants. They can guide you about the methods and treatments available to help you get rid of the ants. The ants trailing around your home here and there does not give a pleasant sight. Not only they are harmful to health (in case they infect food), but also spread germs and bacteria.  Therefore, it is important to find companies offering services for ant control pakenham.

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